THE BOOK IS OUT: Interviews with Dr. Breanne Fahs

VALERIE SOLANAS: The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM (And Shot Andy Warhol) was one of our most influential texts, along with Valerie's SCUM Manifesto, in creating our piece.  Dr. Fahs provides detailed, never-before-published biographical information about Valerie. Most importantly, Valerie is finally more than a footnote in Warhol's history.

Valerie is inspiring, infuriating, incredibly ahead of her time and impossible to define.
Did she really want to kill men? Was she lesbian or asexual? Was she crazy? Or a genius? In this interview, Dr. Breanne Fahs speaks to these questions and shares her process of uncovering Valerie. 

"I remember really vividly the first time I read the SCUM Manifesto...I remember just laughing to myself really, really loudly, almost in this inappropriate way. I thought, "This isn't a laughter of pure comedy...It's a laughter of that weird line that straddles the absurd and the truth coming out."
- Dr. Fahs